The Incredible Dr. Pol

We don’t watch much TV.​ Honestly, most of it seems like crap to me. 

There are exceptions. I’ve been a Curb Your Enthusiasm junkie since the first episode. My wife is quite fond of Storage Wars. Together, we’ve both become transfixed by The Walking Dead (Hey AMC- Did you piss off Frank Darabont? That seems ill-advised.) 

When it comes to family-friendly fare, most of the time we watch movies we own, or movies on Netflix. Lately though – because my oldest daughter has a real connection with animals and nature – we’ve started looking at what Animal Planet, NatGeo and the like have to offer. By accident I think, we happened to see an ad for NatGeo WILD’s The Incredible Dr. Pol.

My girl loves animals, and while of course I want her to follow her heart and I’ll support whatever she chooses to do with her life so long as it’s legal and moral and who am I kidding she’s only nine and she’s got a lot of changing and growing to do anyway, OK yes- I do think it would be really cool if she grows up to be a vet (Note to self: you’re not saving enough for tuition, and you should’ve started years ago). 

So we’re recording Dr. Pol now, and we’ll see how it plays. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m impressed. This is reality TV I can embrace, and do so without needing to take a shower afterwards. Thank you, programming honchos at NatGeo WILD.​


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