Judging Behavior Is NOT The Same As Judging Others


“I want to make very clear this is not about judging others, but rather this is about interpreting and thinking critically about cultural messages to determine if they align with our family’s values.”

— Melissa Wardy, PigtailPals


Looking for an easy way to dismiss somebody and/or their idea, without expending any mental effort whatsoever?

Try this: When somebody offers a critique of an action/behavior/mindset that they’ve observed, immediately declare that they are being.. (whispers).. j_dgmental (so abhorrent is the word, I dare not even complete it in this post, lest I be.. ahem). What these defenders of stuff-so-prevelent-it-needs-no-defense are confused about is the distinction between j_dging a behavior, and j_dging a person. If I j_dge you, I assign myself the authority to determine your guilt or innocence, your worth as an individual. If I j_dge your actions, or even your mindset regarding a particular issue, I’m making an assessment of just that. That assessment will be based on my values, beliefs, perception, and hopefully some acquired knowledge and life experience as well. This not a bad thing. It is in fact, necessary to make our way in the world.

If we throw out all j_dgment, and all critical/analytical thought, how do we teach our children anything?

On Being Six In A Sea of Sexy Dolls


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