Coming Soon: The Victoria’s Secret Infant Collection

“Shopping at VS used to be an adult rite of passage. When that happens in 3rd grade, where do you go from there?

When girls start to focus on sexy and the value of sex and an adult woman’s sex appeal, childhood ends. There used to be a clearer distinction between the two that was more age appropriate. Now it starts about second or third grade.

I was developing my sexuality in fourth grade. I had a MAJOR crush on a boy in my class and Johnny Depp. It never occurred to me to shop at VS or that I needed hot panties. At that age, I was lucky if I brushed my hair.”

Great stuff from Pigtail Pal Melissa Wardy as usual.

Something in this post that caught my attention was the prude label thing..

It’s a fairly aged variation on a dismissive tactic that’s designed to bring a conversation/debate to a halt. I’ve noticed it’s usually employed by people who are too close-minded and/or lazy to consider a viewpoint that is not their own. Kinda like me labeling you a ‘tree hugger’ because you’ve brought up an environmental concern in my presence.

Since I don’t want to be either close-minded or lazy, I have to consider that for some, it’s important that a 9-year old wear ‘sexy’ underwear. It’s an opinion, for sure.

But then, to me, if you haven’t taken the time to read at least some of the research on these topics (sexualization, age compression), your opinion on this is borderline irrelevant.

I have preschool and elementary school-age daughters. I’ve met some mothers who I believe wouldn’t have a problem with the decision made by the VS-shopping mom referenced in Melissa’s post.

I think some of these moms- sharing a few traits in common with the stereotypical Dad who needs his son to succeed in sporting endeavors at any cost- believe a woman’s highest achievement in life is to be desired and/or envied by others.

Maybe this mom is like that.

Or maybe she just personally hates ‘ugly underwear’ that much and is oblivious to the other factors involved.

Either way, it’s safe to conclude that at least a few of our parenting priorities differ.

And what’s more, I just don’t see how that planned disposable thong diaper is going to.. contain.

“Why Are We Rushing Childhood? The Victoria’s Secret Edition”


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