Girls Just Want To Bake Cupcakes (Not)

Awesome PigtailPals Gal Melissa Wardy trying to help LEGO do better: LEGO Friends: It is the song that never ends

..some critics are reportedly praising “the complexity of their sets and their overall message of empowerment.” I don’t know how empowered cupcake shops and brushing a poodle leave me feeling..

Certainly, nothing is stopping anybody from buying a boy-targeted LEGO set for their girl, and some people may be inclined to dismiss this conversation with just that thought. What’s troubling to me- that assumption that LEGO and other marketers are making is so prevalent that it begins to feel like a directive; telling young boys and girls what the world expects of them.

This issue really hits home with me, as my 10-yr old daughter has absolutely zero interest in the types of things LEGO thinks she does. In fact, if the toy aisle looks like somebody ran Pepto-Bismol through the overhead sprinkler system, it’s a pretty sure bet she won’t be strolling down it.

I’m guessing there are others like her, and forward-thinking companies could profit by figuring that out.


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