Hating On Azealia Banks (Only Not Really)

I was reading about somebody I’d never heard of before (rapper Azealia Banks) in this post from Matt Walsh. Reading about the comments she made in an interview with the literary journal Playboy, I became highly agitated. I promptly fired off a Tweet in which I referred to Ms. Banks as ‘stupid’. I quickly fired off a reply to my own Tweet (is that legal?) in which I recanted that opinion, not wanting to be misunderstood by my roughly two Twitter followers.

I don’t know if Ms. Banks is truly as ignorant as her comments suggest. Maybe she doesn’t really mean any of them. Maybe they are just one link in an orchestrated chain of stunts intended to garner a piece of the collective mindshare, however brief:

Step 1: Rap about your clitoris

Step 2: Put naughty bits on public display

Step 3: Go on record with potentially* controversial, inflammatory statements

*Maybe not, see Matt’s post.

All of this got me thinking about Hate.

If there is a bad to contradict the good, a Satan to defy God- that thing/force/being/whatever would have to love Hate.

Hate would have to be at the top of its My Favorite Things list (followed closely by Fear).

It would have to revel in the way that all of us at one time or another indulge in Hate. It could rest assured that at any given moment, somebody somewhere hates the:

Crackers, Niggers, Spics, Chinks, Camel Jockeys, Cheeseheads (me neither; and surprisingly not a reference to those hailing from Wisconsin, but we can hate them too), Queers, Breeders, Cops, Thugs, Rich, Poor, Liberals, Conservatives, Prudes, Sluts, Atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Humanists, Teenage Girls Who Work at Kmart, and Racist Conservative White People Who Live On Farms (I nicked those last two from Ms. Banks- Props.)

I’ve tried to be all-inclusive here, but I know I’ve missed some. Apologies if I missed yours. Just think of somebody you loathe, lump them in with a group and label them and we’re good.

And last but definitely not least- in fact, maybe most destructive of all- there’s self-hatred.

That may be Evil’s favorite. Because if I hate myself, I certainly feel unworthy of anybody’s love. And from there, it’s a small step to figuring that, if there even is a God, (s)He is utterly indifferent and couldn’t possibly give a rip about me or anybody else on this small rock. Embrace Hate and it’s not so hard to embrace the idea that if there is a God, we’re nothing more than an experiment gone horribly awry. A trifle (s)He long ago gave up on.

At the end of the day, one thing I know for certain: whoever you are, wherever you are, God did not put me here to hate you.


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