..time of your life indeed.

..time of your life indeed.


So, you’re a dad?

Yes. I have two daughters. I often say ‘it’s an honor and a privilege’ to be their Dad. It is in fact (to steal a line from one of my favorite films): “..wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful and yet again, wonderful.

Do you really think this is a ‘new world’?

It’s no more new today than it ever was for any parent at any time, I imagine. And while at times it sure seems so, it may be no harder raising kids now than it ever was either. Different wolves at the door maybe.

The title of this blog is a play on a song by these guys; three of the most talented damn Canadians there ever were. I tell ya- those guys and Michael J Fox? Must be something in the water, eh?


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  1. I also have a nine year old daughter who will soon face many transitions. Apart from adolescence, she’ll face moving from China to the UK, and from home schooling to regular schooling. I’ll keep an eye on this blog as I imagine it will deal with many of the probable problems I dread for my girl: self esteem, body image, peer pressure, catty female friends, social media bullying, sexualisation of youngsters and so on.

    My main hope is that I’ll always keep up a good bond of trust and friendship with my daughter to see her through this stage in her life. Otherwise, I’m fearful. Any initial tips?

    • Thanks for stopping by! I understand the fear you say you’re experiencing; I’ve had- and occasionally still have- my own feelings of dread when considering the ‘enormity’ of the challenge that is raising a child in the world today. But I’m comforted somewhat when I consider the good people in my own community that are also in the fight, and trying to do the same. And also the many others in the world at large that are also concerned about these issues and doing the best they can. Not everybody’s asleep; we’re not in this alone! I think you’re on the right track in regards to working hard at establishing and maintaining that bond with your daughter. But let me point you towards the excellent resources that have inspired me- you’ll find references to them in other posts on this blog, but throwing names around, please seek out writing and wisdom from Dr. Laura Markham, Meg Meeker, and Marybeth Hicks. And also keep an eye on Melissa Wardy at her Pigtail Pals blog. I’m crazy about all of those ladies. They will help reassure you that ultimately you are the greatest influence on your girl, not the crappy culture.

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